Our International Champion Quartets

Queens of Harmony

Every year during the Sweet Adelines International Competition a new quartet is crowned (literally!) as the International Champion Quartet. The members of the winning quartet are known as "Queens of Harmony". Melodeers Chorus is proud to claim members of seven of these quartets. Martini is the only active quartet of those listed below.
Note: Members of each quartet who are either current or former Melodeers are in bold.

MARTINI QUARTET 2012 International Champion Quartet

Tenor: Corinna Garriock
Lead: Michelle Little
Baritone: DeAnne Haugen
Bass: Shannon Harris

TOUCHE QUARTET 2013 International Champion Quartet

Tenor: Patty Cobb-Baker
Lead: Gina Baker
Baritone: Jan Anton
Bass: Kim Chadwick-McCormick

FOUR BETTYS 2008 International Champion Quartet

Tenor: Joan Boutilier
Lead: Lynda Keever
Baritone: Heather Brooks
Bass: Cori Albrecht

CHICAGO FIRE 1995 International Champion Quartet

Tenor: Amy Brinkman
Lead: Dani Avalos Prigge
Baritone: Bon Pressley
Bass: Bonnie Fedyski

JUBILATION 1985 International Champion Quartet

Tenor: Sharon Sambrooks Alterman
Lead: Carol Ann Bagley
Baritone: Karen Drummond Breidert
Bass: Pat Rotunno

MELO-EDGE 1983 International Champion Quartet

Tenor: Donna Bates
Lead: Maureen Pladis Brzynski
Baritone: Debra Peters
Bass: Janell Lynch (Paviolitis)

QUARTERNOTES 1951 International Champion Quartet 

Tenor: Virginia Clausen
Lead: Phyllis Odders
Baritone: Lois Dominick (Replaced by Kaye Poulsen Jensen)
Bass: Jewel King

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