Melodeers Chorus Quartets

Melodeers Chorus is proud to have the following active quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion.
Melodeers is also proud to claim members of seven Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartets, also known as Queens of Harmony. To find out more about these quartets, CLICK HERE.


2018 & 2019 Region 3 Quartet Champions

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From:  Choral-Aires, Melodeers, and Vermillion Valley
PRISM members...
Lead:Jenelle Lambert
Bass:Debbie Lee
Baritone:Janet Masters
Tenor:Tori Adams
General public contact: Jenelle Lambert

State: IL

Chicago Mix Quartet

2019 Region 3 Third Place Quartet

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Chicago Mix Quartet
This quartet is based in the Chicago area.
Chicago Mix Quartet members...
Lead:Debi Minske
Bass:Jan Anton
Baritone:Debra Peters
Tenor:Donna Bates
General public contact: Jan Anton
State: IL

Odyssey Quartet

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Odyssey Quartet
This quartet is based in Wisconsin
Odyssey Quartet members...
Lead:Renee Rieboldt
Bass:Karen Leet
Baritone:Sarah Balke
Tenor:Monica Arndt
General public contact: Renee Rieboldt
State: IL

Sublime Quartet

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Sublime Quartet
This quartet is based in Michigan and northern Indiana.
From Melodeers, Fenton Lakes, Grand Rapids and Motor City Mix Choruses.
Sublime Quartet members...
Lead:Sherry Berkley
Bass:Andrea Simpson
Baritone:Emily Oppenhuizen
Tenor:Rachel Lundberg
General public contact: Sherry Berkley

State: IL

Martini Quartet

2012 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions

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Martini Quartet

Awards and Achievements: 

Martini Quartet is extremely excited and proud to be crowned the 2012 International Quartet Champions of Sweet Adelines International and we're already having a fantastic time getting to know people all around the world! We have a very exciting year planned, so be sure to keep your glass perfectly chilled and visit our site often to check out what's new and freshly shaken with Martini!

From Melodeers, LIons Gate and Song of Atlanta Choruses.

Martini Quartet members...
Lead:MIchelle Little
Bass:Shannon Harris
Baritone:DeAnne Haugen
Tenor:Corinna Garriock
General public contact:
State: IL

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